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Frequently Asked Questions

south florida speech therapy

How much does it cost?

Initial Consultation (15 minute discovery call)


Formal Speech-Language Evaluation & Report


re-evaluations $250

Speech/Language Therapy Sessions:

60 min - $120

45 min - $100

30 min - $75

Accent Modification Program

12-week program

1 hour per week face-to-face or virtual (12 sessions total)


The following forms of payment are accepted: credit/debit card, Zelle or other digital payment, and Step Up for Students Scholarship (FES-UA).

Insurance is not accepted at this time. A superbill can be provided upon request. 

What's the difference between speech and language?

"Speech" consists of the sounds that we use in order to talk. "Language" consists of the words we use to form phrases and sentences. Sometimes a child will present with a speech-sound disorder such as a lisp or errors with the /r/ sound or the /l/ sound. Other kids may have an expressive or receptive language disorder which means they have difficulty with producing words or sentences, or understanding words or sentences. And some kids have both speech and language disorders or delays. Therapy addresses all of these concerns and more. 

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How long until I get my evaluation results?

Formal Speech and Language evaluations typically take 7-10 days for the report to become available. I will contact you as soon as the report has been completed and then we will work on creating a treatment plan together. Treatment plans are unique to each client and customizable. I welcome parental involvement so that we can properly target your child's communication goals.

How long will it take for my child to make progress?

Every child is different and makes progress at a different pace. However, a rule of thumb is to give it at least 3-6 months. Then, we can do a re-evaluation to determine if your child should continue with services and/or if we should modify their speech and language goals. Re-evaluations are formal evaluations but these will be provided at a discounted cost of $250 instead of $350. 


I have multiple kids who need speech. Can they see you at the same time?

This depends on their goals. Usually, the answer is yes. If their goals are similar (i.e. expressive language, articulation, social language), then I can see them together in a group. In fact this sometimes works better because children tend to perform better with a peer. However, if their goals are very different then it is sometimes better to see them separately so we can focus in on their specific goals. Custom plans can be created for small groups of siblings.

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